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   By using this methodology, it is possible to determine the required powertrain efficiency to meet future emission standards, with a plausible assumption for vehicle demand. Using best-in-class compression ignition as a surrogate for a plausible advanced spark ignition engine efficiency (cooled EGR, advanced Miller, dedicated EGR, or lean stratified), and using best-in-class transmission efficiency with evolution (wide ratio spread 8-10 speed with advanced damping or advanced on-demand DCT), gives engine, transmission, and powertrain efficiency targets to meet future standards. From the boundaries created by this process the amount of powertrain electrification, including pure electric, required to comply with the future standards can be determined.


To determine which powertrain technologies will succeed, it is necessary to separate the vehicle from the powertrain. Moving from vehicle fuel economy to powertrain efficiency allows one to lump the vehicle weight, aerodynamics, tire rolling resistance, and other parasitic losses into听听澳门金沙官网amjsgw a vehicle demand. The vehicle demand can then be compared to actual fu澳门金沙官网amjsgwel used to determine the powertrain efficiency. This allows for a powertrain comparison of light versus heavy vehicles, highly aerodynamic versus non-aerodynamic vehicles, and vehicles with low versus high rolling resistance/sport tires. It also eliminates any coast down or test procedure optimization, since this appear澳门金沙官网amjsgws in both the numerator and denominator of the powertrain efficiency calculation.

Predicting which technologies will be successful, and which technologies will provide the most benefit is a Since complex problem that has millions of permutations. However, the auto industry is a pragmatic industry where the lowest cost solution usually prevails. Therefore, it is possible to predict with some accuracy future powertrain technologies.

As worldwide vehicle fuel economy and CO2 standards converge, every automaker in ever澳门金沙官网amjsgwy market faces similar challenges to meet these new requirements. . The introduction of the World Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) in Europe makes the test cycle speeds and loads more similar澳门金沙官网amjsgw to the Federal Test Procedure (FTP) in NAFTA than the out-going New European Drive Cycle (NEDC). There will be different test cycles for different regions of the world, but the solutions to achieve the new CO2 standards will be similar or the same.

2011, SAE Fellow

2002. SAE Forest R. McFarland Award

1995, Walter P. Chrysler Award for patent of the year

24 Patens in engine design, control algorithms, thermal management and drivetrain systems

Leads Corporate Advanced Engineering with facilities in Auburn Hills, Michigan; Ithaca, New York; Asheville, North Carolina; and Ludwigsburg, Germany and Ketsch, Germany.

Since 2012, Chief Technology Officer, BorgWarner Inc.

Since 2012, Vice President, Drivetrain Group, BorgWarner Inc.

Since 2010, Vice President, Engine Group, BorgWarner Inc.

20 years experience as Head of International Industrial Strategy, Chrysler Group LLC

Visiting Professor, Hudersfield University

Master Diploma in Strategy and Innovation, Oxford University

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Manchester University


Vice President, CTO, BorgWarner Inc.

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